PEGI classificatie

Unravel Two

Platform: PC
Productietype: Game

Let op met kinderen tot 7 jaar Geweld

This game was rated PEGI 7 for violence against fantasy or mythical beings and creatures. Not recommended for persons below 7 years of age.

- Depictions of non-realistic violence of a minor nature towards a human-like or animal-like character.
- Depictions of non-realistic violence towards fantasy characters.
- Depictions of non-detailed and non-realistic violence towards non-detailed human-like characters.
- Pictures or sounds likely to be scary or frightening to young children
- Video that is integral to the game, eg intro scenes & cut scenes

Volledig classificatieresultaat: 7,Violence,Online Gameplay
Release- / uitzenddatum: 15-06-2018

Producent: EA Swiss Sarl

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