Boris van der Ham is new chair of NICAM

Hilversum, 24 July 2014

From 12 September this year, former Dutch member of parliament Boris van der Ham will take over as chair of NICAM, the organisation responsible for the classification of audio-visual media in the Netherlands. He will be taking over from Tineke Lodders-Elfferich, who has held the position since 2008. 
“The media landscape is changing more rapidly than ever before. This is presenting interesting challenges to broadcasters, commercial players, parents and government bodies. I look forward to channelling these developments in my new position as chairman of NICAM.” 
Boris van der Ham was a member of the Dutch parliament for the D66 party for ten years, during which time, among other positions,  he was vice chair of the parliamentary party and sat on the Dijsselbloem Committee, which investigated the quality of education in the Netherlands. He was also party spokesperson in several areas, including on culture and the media, education and economic affairs. Since leaving parliament in 2012, he has worked as a publicist and owns a consultancy. He also holds a number of posts within social organisations; he is chair of the Dutch Humanist Association and of the Supervisory Board of the CJP (Cultural Youth Discount Card) organisation. 
NICAM is the organisation behind Kijkwijzer, the classification system for feature films, DVDs and television programmes, and is the implementing body for the European PEGI games classification system. Both the audio-visual media sector and the Dutch government participate in NICAM. Since its establishment, the NICAM Board has always been chaired by an independent chairperson. Boris van der Ham is the third chairperson in the organisation’s 15-year history. Tineke Lodders-Elfferich was preceded in the role by Hedy d’Ancona. 
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