Dutch Institute for the Classification of Audio-visual Media
PO box 322
1200 AH Hilversum
tel: 035 6460860

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What is Kijkwijzer? How does classification using Kijkwijzer work in practice? Are games also classified with Kijkwijzer? What are the criteria for the classifications based on? Does the classification also take suitability into account? What can I do when I don't agree with a classification? Do cinema's, shops and libraries also have to comply to the classifications? May films with a 16-classification be broadcast all day? Does NICAM cover the entire market? Does NICAM take parents' opinions into account? Is Kijkwijzer less strict than other countries? Why is it that DVDs and games sometimes have no (or different) pictogrammes? Does Kijkwijzer also apply to music videos? Who supervises NICAM and the implementation of Kijkwijzer?