Eight Principles for the improvement of youth protection on the Internet

Berlin, 23 April 2009

Eight principles to improve youth protection on the Internet were developed by the Youth Protection Roundtable, an European thematic network bringing together companies and welfare organisations from 13 European countries. The implementation of these principles is supported by the YPRT Toolkit, a catalogue of non-binding references for the improvement of technical and educational measures. The European Youth Protection Roundtable presented its outcomes to 250 participants at an international youth media protection conference in  Berlin.

Addressing technical experts, the YPRT Toolkit provides references and concrete suggestions how to consider the impact of newly developed Internet appliances and services on their safe use by children and young people. For parents and pedagogues the YPRT Toolkit keeps ready information about the risks and threats that might come along for children surfing the Internet.

The young generation is at home in the virtual world, they are handling new technologies like smart phone, gaming console or the computer very proficiently. But coping with what they often enough have to face online and taking account of the possible consequences their own conduct might cause is another story. 126 European experts, having been surveyed by the Stiftung Digitale Chancen gave highest priority to safety measures like parental control and empowerment by teaching media literacy. However young people themselves in case of problems more often seek advice from their peers than from their parents, who are reckoned usually as being less acquainted with the Internet than their children. Therefore young people from 7 European countries have collaborated at the Young Roundtable to develop the YPRT Toolkit for appropriate technical and educational measures with regard to the protection of children and young people on the Internet.

The YPRT is a network consisting of 32 international partners funded in the framework of the Safer Internet Programme of the European Commission.

The YPRT Principles and the YPRT Toolkit can be downloaded here.

At the Toolkit is also downloadable as well as the results of the experts’ survey. 

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