Expansion of the Kijkwijzer classification system

Hilversum, 2 March 2007

As from 1 March, NICAM – the organisation behind Kijkwijzer – has introduced a new version of its classification system. The Kijkwijzer criteria have been expanded and improved in a number of areas. From 1 March, films, DVD`s and television programmes – including music videos – will be classified for misogyny. In addition, there is a new, specific classification method for music videos. 
The new criteria have been developed by NICAM’s independent Science Committee. This is the fourth version of the classification system since the introduction of Kijkwijzer.


In the latest version, the existing criterion ‘discrimination’ has been expanded, whereby account is now also taken of disciminatory depictions of women in audiovisual products.  
NICAM’s Science Committee has also improved the classification method for music videos. This allows in particular for the more effective classification of sexual acts. 
Music videos were already classified in the Netherlands, but this was done in the same way as for television programmes and films in the cinema. This standard classification proved to be not so applicable to music videos.    
The new version allows the broadcasters of videos to better determine which music videos should be shown before and after 20.00 or 22.00 hours.


The Netherlands is one of the few countries in which music videos are classified by category, and the first country in the world to have a special classification method just for this. 
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