Kijkwijzer and music videos

Hilversum, 17 March 2006
The music video broadcasters in the Netherlands – MTV, TMF and The Box – apply Kijkwijzer like the other TV stations.
All music videos are assessed using the Kijkwijzer classification system and are given an age recommendation. A broadcast time is associated with this age recommendation. This means that, for example, a video with the recommended age 12 years cannot be broadcast before 20.00 hours, and one with the recommended age 16 years not before 22.00 hours. The video broadcasters keep to this and do not broadcast such videos during the day. NICAM seldom receives complaints in this respect. Nevertheless, Kijkwijzer’s complaints procedure, with options for fines, does apply.
Contrary to ordinary TV programmes, the Kijkwijzer ages and pictogrammes are not shown on screen with the videos. This would not be practical owing to the short duration of the videos. The classification system assesses the potential harmfulness to children of programmes and films. A high recommended age will be allocated on the grounds predominately of violence, but also of explicit sexual acts.
Age and content pictogrammes are shown prior to the programme blocks, however. This does not necessarily mean that every video shown in the block in question contains images the specific pictogrammes warn of, although this is possible. 
The Netherlands is currently the only country in the world that classifies music videos in this way.
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