Kijkwijzer in Belgian cinemas

Hilversum, 10 December 2019

Starting January 2020, Belgian cinemas will also be using Kijkwijzer. Our southern neighbours will be adopting the Dutch system, which informs about the risks that films can pose to children. The age classifications and the pictograms that warn about violence, frightening footage and sex, will also be the same for Belgian feature films.
The Belgian government will be responsible for the implementation and application of Kijkwijzer. To this end, they have also adapted the law. For many film distributors in Belgium, Kijkwijzer will not be new. They often distribute throughout the Benelux area, and a Kijkwijzer classification is required on the Dutch market.
The Dutch organisation that is behind Kijkwijzer, NICAM, will train de distributors' employees in the classification process. In French and German-speaking Belgium, the system has been named Cinecheck.
Belgium is the first country to adopt Kijkwijzer in its entirety. Turkey, Iceland and Slovenia have licensed the Kijkwijzer system. The international classification system for games, PEGI, is also based on Kijkwijzer.
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