Kijkwijzer now also for the mobile phone

Hilversum, 2 May 2005
From Friday, 1 April 2005, five mobile telephony operators in the Netherlands will be applying Kijkwijzer to the images and information that can be received on mobile telephones. Initially, this will concern only images of an erotic nature, which will be accompanied by the familiar Kijkwijzer recommendation. Whenever the user of a mobile telephone calls up images of an erotic nature, the Kijkwijzer pictogram will appear, together with the accompanying age recommendation.


On Friday, 1 April 2005, KPN Mobile, Orange, Telfort, T-Mobile and Vodafone signed a contract to this end with NICAM, the organisation behind Kijkwijzer. The five operators and NICAM see this as a significant step towards good provision of information and advance notification of what information the mobile user will get to see. New services and technologies such as UMTS mean that, alongside making phone calls and sending and receiving SMS messages, users of a mobile phone can now also view photos and videos through the operators` mobile portals. In order to further improve the provision of services to customers, as well as to allow them to see in advance what type of images they wish to see, the mobile operators are joining the well-known Kijkwijzer scheme operated by NICAM. The application of Kijkwijzer to erotic information is intended to be a first step in this process. The mobile operators and NICAM intend to then further expand the application of Kijkwijzer.

About Kijkwijzer

Kijkwijzer shows whether television programmes – but also films in the cinema, videos/DVDs and now also information received via mobile telephones – contain images that are not suitable for children up to a certain age. Kijkwijzer uses pictograms to illustrate the most important reasons for this warning, such as violence, sex or frightening images. Kijkwijzer is the only system world-wide that provides consumers with information on virtually all types of audio-visual media in a uniform manner. In the Netherlands, the pan-European PEGI system, also modelled on Kijkwijzer, is used for games.

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