Kijkwijzer now also in Iceland

Hilversum, 31 July 2007
 From 1 August, Iceland will also be able to use Kijkwijzer. With support from the Icelandic government, the public and commercial television stations and the film and DVD sectors have adopted the Dutch NICAM system. 
This means that, from August of this year, television programmes, theatrical films and DVDs will carry age recommendations and content pictogrammes. 
The Icelandic media sectors, collectively within the umbrella organisation SMAIS, will use the classification system and associated criteria developed in the Netherlands by NICAM. Iceland is also adopting the Kijkwijzer regulations and complaints procedure. 
NICAM will provide support to SMAIS in the implementation of Kijkwijzer in Iceland and in training the coders who will make the classifications.
Following in the footsteps of Turkey, Iceland is the second European country to adopt the Kijkwijzer model. In addition, Belgium has also expressed interest in Kijkwijzer.
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