Kijkwijzer renews and refines with more ages and more information

Hilversum, 7 January 2020

Starting January 2020, two new ages will be added to the existing Kijkwijzer classifications: 14 and 18. The existing ages are: All Ages, 6, 9, 12 and 16. Apart from the well-known pictograms, Kijkwijzer will also be providing more information about classifications to children and their parents in the upcoming year.

Extensive information service
In 2020, Kijkwijzer will fulfill parents' and children's wishes and take steps to transform into a more extensive information service. This means that the existing Kijkwijzer information, with its ages and pictograms, will be added to. This way, parents and children will get easy access to more background information about the classifications and the nature of individual audiovisual productions. This information will first become available in January, for cinematic features. During the rest of the year, this will also be applied to other types of media. 

More ages for intense images
The current media landscape demands a more nuanced classification for intense content and imagery than before. Consumers, parents and teenagers too, require more refined age recommendations that are more in line with their experience of audiovisual media. After consulting with the scientists that advise NICAM (the organisation behind the Kijkwijzer system), it was therefore decided to introduce two new ages: 14 and 18. 
The 14-classifcation will make more room for productions - usually aimed specifically at young teens - that are too itnense for a 12-classification but not intense enough for a 16-classification. The 18-classification is for productions that contain extreme violence and porn. Until now, such productions were classified at 16.
The existing legislation that is attached to the 16-classification (Article 240a of the Criminal Code) will remain unchanged.

Research among users
The changes are the result of extensive research done by NICAM about the use of media. The expectations that parents and children have of Kijkwijzer, and how they would like to be informed, was also researched. Together with the affiliated sectors as well as the government, this has resulted in the abovementioned changes that will make Kijkwijzer more future-proof.

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