More retail chains only sell AV products with Kijkwijzer

Hilversum, 1 May 2006
 In recent months, a large number of retail chains have entered into a covenant with NICAM, whereby they have undertaken to observe the Kijkwijzer rules. The retail chains who have committed to this to date include Bart Smit, Blokker, de Bijenkorf, Free Record Shop, Kruidvat, Intertoys, Media Markt, Sligro, Trekpleister, Van Leest and V&D. It is expected that HEMA, Toys `r us and Wibra will also soon join up. 
The most important aspect of the covenant is that the stores will from now on only sell audiovisual products with a Kijkwijzer classification. The chains have informed their suppliers that they must comply with this, in order to retain their supplier status. Furthermore, the stores will also disseminate information on Kijkwijzer.
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