New PEGI Compliance report 2012

Hilversum, 8 May 2012

Compliance was measured against the PEGI Labelling and Advertising Guidelines, a document that informs video game publishers how a PEGI age rating label must be displayed when producing video game packaging or marketing tools like advertisements, trailers, billboards etc.

The report shows that advertising compliance in television is the highest (96,5%), followed closely by print press (96,3%). Online advertising has improved drastically in the last two years (83%, compared to 69,3% in 2010), but still has room for improvement. The large variety of online ads and the common practice to outsource online marketing makes it more difficult to comply. Non-compliant cases also include adverts that display PEGI age rating labels, but not exactly according to the guidelines (on packshots, etc.).

"PEGI S.A. is very happy with this result, as it shows that our efforts in the last two years have made a difference," says Simon Little, Managing Director of PEGI S.A. "The purpose of the project is to show the commitment of the industry to educate consumers about PEGI. The commercial value of this exposure, in magazines, on tv during prime time, on thousands of websites, is simply enormous and we have the publishers to thank for this. A strong visibility of the PEGI age labels can produce a massive boost in consumer awareness."

You can download the full report here

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