News programmes

Hilversum, 2 August 2005
Kijkwijzer is applied on virtually all audio-visual products on offer in the Netherlands, from television programmes and cinema films to films on DVD and video.

An exception is made on television for news and live programmes, as it is not possible to classify these in advance. An agreement is being made with the networks that they will warn viewers of shocking images in advance during news programmes. Kijkwijzer advises parents to always join their children when watching news programmes on television. The suppliers of any other sort of live programmes are obliged to take the broadcast time into account.

Kijkwijzer does not pass judgement on the content or quality of television programmes or films. The preferences and standards applied by parents are too diverse to allow this. Kijkwijzer simply warns of possible harmful images in television programmes or films. Final responsibility for what their children can see rests with the parents.

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