Survey of News Kids and Kijkwijzer Hilversum, 23 May 2011 A lot of children make selective use of what is presented in the media, and have learned to use Kijkwijzer as a tool for this. Classification of 3D film Hilversum, 26 May 2010 On 19 and 20 May in The Hague, NICAM organised a conference in which more than 30 film classification experts Eight Principles for the improvement of youth protection on the Internet Berlin, 23 April 2009 The implementation of these principles is supported by the YPRT Toolkit, a catalogue of references Dutch research underlines importance of PEGI for casual games Hilversum, 30 March 2009 The favourite internet activity of Dutch children is playing casual games, yet a number of casual Audiovisual industry to introduce more rigorous age checks Hilversum, 3 February 2009 As from the beginning of 2009, the audiovisual industry is to be more rigorous in checking ages when selling New Kijkwijzer 9 years age category from 1 January 2009 Hilversum, 16 October 2008 With effect from 1 January 2009, NICAM will be adding the new 9 years age category to the PEGI known by 93% of the European game consumers Hilversum, 3 June 2008 Across the 15 countries surveyed, recognition of the Pan European Gaming Information (PEGI) age rating Have Fun and Feel Safe on the Web! Berlin/Nuremberg, 22 May 2008 Youth Protection Roundtable NICAM as support for Cabinet policy for responsible media use Hilversum, 22 April 2008 Last Friday the Cabinet announced its policy guidelines concerning responsible use of the media Use of Kijkwijzer continues to increase Hilversum, 20 March 2008 More than eight out of ten parents use Kijkwijzer. Almost half of these do so often or on a regular basis
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