Tineke Lodders-Elfferic succeeds Hedy d’Ancona as new chair of NICAM Hilversum, 12 March 2008 From 1 June 2008, former CDA (Christian Democrat) chair Tineke Lodders (mr P.C. Lodders-Elfferic) Web 2.0 – A riskful adventure playground for young people? Hilversum, 17 December 2007 Youth Protection Roundtable Kijkwijzer receives ‘Seal of Approval’ from the European Society for Education and Communication Hilversum, 18 October 2007 Kijkwijzer received on Octobre 12th in Vienna a ‘Seal of Approval’ during the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards NICAM hosts international conference on the classification of audiovisual media Hilversum, 12 October 2007 More than 30 media experts from Europe, Australia and Singapore took part in a conference organised Kijkwijzer now also in Iceland Hilversum, 31 July 2007 From 1 August, people in Iceland will also be able to use Kijkwijzer. Authority reports on functioning of NICAM in 2006 Hilversum, 20 July 2007 The Media Authority has ascertained that, generally speaking, Kijkwijzer works excellently. Children’s website receives international recognition Hilversum, 11 June 2007 Kijkwijzer’s children’s website,, has been honoured in Germany with the Comenius EduMedia NICAM/Kijkwijzer is an example of good co-regulation practice Hilversum, 15 May 2007 Final conclusion of the European media conference in Leipzig Expansion of the Kijkwijzer classification system Hilversum, 2 March 2007 Special criteria for sexual acts and discriminatory depictions of women Kijkwijzer is a role model says European Commission Hilversum, 12 February 2007 Self-regulation and co-regulation of media most effective
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