Soon to come...PEGI Online! Hilversum, 27 December 2006 PEGI Online is a new EC funded project that aims to address risks associated with real time player interaction Kijkwijzer launches children’s website Hilversum, 13 December 2006 Children use Kijkwijzer to avoid seeing sex or scary scenes Media, harmfulness and violence Hilversum, 24 August 2006 Evaluations carried out in Germany and England of recent international research into the harmful influence of Increase in confidence and use of the Kijkwijzer Hilversum, 7 June 2006 Parents often make use of the Kijkwijzer recommendations. Nine out of ten parents currently use Kijkwijzer; More retail chains only sell AV products with Kijkwijzer Hilversum, 1 May 2006 In recent months, a large number of retail chains have entered into a covenant with NICAM Flemish-speaking Belgium on the road to VICAM Hilversum, 1 May 2006 The Media Council for Flemish-speaking Belgium is advising the introduction of a uniform classification system Turkey launches its own Kijkwijzer Hilversum, 1 May 2006 The Turkish Kijkwijzer is called ‘Clever Characters’ (Akilli Isaretler) and was introduced in Ankara at the Kijkwijzer and music videos Hilversum, 17 March 2006 The music video broadcasters in the Netherlands – MTV, TMF and The Box – apply Kijkwijzer like the other TV "Kijkwijzer deserves successors" Hilversum, 1 February 2006 NRC Handelsblad, 26-1-2006 Kijkwijzer starts new campaign (also available in Turkish / Arabic) Hilversum, 23 January 2006 Kijkwijzer informs parents of growing children up to what age films or TV programmes can be harmful
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