Parents think Kijkwijzer is an important tool

Hilversum, 18 December 2013

Almost all parents in the Netherlands think Kijkwijzer is a useful tool, warning for television shows or movies that could contain harmful elements (violence, fear, sex, bad language, drugs/ alcohol abuse and/or discrimination) for children. Nine out of ten parents use Kijkwijzer and see the age classifications as reliable. These are the main outcomes of research among parents of children in the age of 3 till 15 years of age, which has recently been done by research institute GfK Intomart commissioned by NICAM.

Just as in previous years the research states that in 2013 parents value Kijkwijzer as an important tool to base viewing decisions on. Remarkable is that the number of parents that use Kijkwijzer increased by 8%, especially parents with younger children (6-9 years) use Kijkwijzer more regularly.

Parents attach the most importance to warnings for sex (82%) or violence (81%) in television shows and films. Following sex and violence, parents want to be warned for bad language (78%), drugs and/or alcohol abuse (76%) and fear (76%).

There is a small group of parents that does not use Kijkwijzer. Parents indicate different reasons for that.  They include that: parents allow their children to watch everything, they hardly watch television or that their children are old enough to determine for themselves what they can or cannot see.

75% of all Dutch parents think that Kijkwijzer informs on all relevant content categories. The other 25%  feel that Kijkwijzer could add the categories: fierceness of the violence, religion and profanity.
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