Progress affiliation by distributors and retail chains

Hilversum, 26 June 2005
NICAM is actively lobbying for affiliation to NICAM by larger retailers that carry audio-visual products as part of their ranges. An agreement has now been reached with the Blokker Groep (which includes the Bart Smit and Intertoys toys stores), the Kruidvat drug store chain and Videoland video rental stores. An agreement with the Albert Heijn supermarket chain is in preparation. A major component of the agreements with retail chains is that they call upon their suppliers of DVDs and videos to apply the Kijkwijzer system, in as far as they do not already do so. This makes it difficult for `independent distributors` to avoid Kijkwijzer. A number of distributors have now joined the scheme. Retailers affiliated to the NVGD [Dutch Organisation of Record Retailers] have already entered into an agreement, by means of a covenant.
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