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Procedure Regulations


Broadcasters are responsible for ensuring that all the programmes and films they broadcast have a Kijkwijzer rating. This rating is shown on-screen upon the start of a programme, in television guides and magazines, on teletext page 282 during a programme, in advertisements and on the website with information on a programme.
An exception is made for news and (semi-)live programmes, as these cannot be rated in advance. When compiling live programmes, the broadcast time must be taken into account. In news programmes, viewers must be warned in advance of any shocking imagery.

Broadcast times
On television, the Kijkwijzer age categories are associated with broadcast times:

  • Programmes that are rated All Ages, 6 or 9 years may be shown at any moment of the day.
  • Programmes that are rated 12 years, 14 years and 16 years may be shown from 20:00 hours.
  • Programmes that are rated 18 years are available after midnight

  • Promos and commercials
    Promos (short announcements for programmes) may be assessed by the broadcasters to determine at what times of the day they may be broadcast. Promos will also show the Kijkwijzer icons for the programme from which they are derived on screen.
    Commercials in which audiovisual products such as films or DVDs are advertised must also be rated using Kijkwijzer. This way, it can be determined at what time of day the commercial may be shown. The commercial itself will show the Kijkwijzer icons for the main product (i.e. the film or the DVD).

Feature films and DVDs

Distributors of cinematic feature films and DVDs who are affiliated with NICAM are responsible for ensuring that all films and DVDs they release have a Kijkwijzer rating. This rating must be shown in all commercials, advertising materials, film listings and publications, film websites, posters and on the cover of the DVD.

Trailers in cinema and on DVD
Trailers shown in cinema prior to the main feature film or on a DVD must have a Kijkwijzer rating, in order to determine before which feature film they can be shown. The main rule here is that the rating of a trailer must not be higher than the rating of the main feature film. For example: it is not allowed to show a trailer for New Kids Turbo, which is rated 12 years, before a main feature film with the rating All Ages or 6 years.

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