Use of Kijkwijzer continues to increase

Hilversum, 20 March 2008
 More than eight out of ten parents use Kijkwijzer. Almost half of these do so often or on a regular basis, a third occasionally. These statistics underline the continuing upward trend in the use of Kijkwijzer. Only 14% of respondents now say they don’t use Kijkwijzer, while in 2004 this figure was almost 25%. Most parents consider the Kijkwijzer age recommendations to be reliable. As at February 2008, this percentage was 90%, compared to the 84% of parents who had confidence in Kijkwijzer’s recommendations in 2004. 

These were the principal results of a survey of parents of children aged 3 to 15 years, carried out by the Intomart agency for NICAM in recent weeks.

The survey revealed once again that parents with a lower level of formal education use Kijkwijzer approximately as often as parents with a higher level. 
In addition, the survey showed that Kijkwijzer’s recognition level among parents is still at the optimum, with 99% of parents recognising Kijkwijzer. Previous surveys also showed that virtually all parents were familiar with Kijkwijzer. Once again too, almost all parents (94%) said that they consider Kijkwijzer a meaningful system.

Finally, the survey showed that fourteen percent of parents now visit the Kijkwijzer website. In absolute numbers, this means that reaches half a million parents. More than double the figure just a few years ago.

NICAM monitors the performance of Kijkwijzer and its appreciation among parents by means of regular surveys carried out by Intomart.

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