Wim Bekkers, director NICAM will retire mid-2016

Hilversum, 18 November 2015

Wim Bekkers joined NICAM since its establishment in 2000. Prior to this he was head of the Department for Audience Research of the Netherlands Public Service Broadcasting Organisation and lecturer at the University of Nijmegen. 
His assignment at NICAM was to design a uniform classification system for feature films, DVDs and television programmes to protect children from harmful elements. 
Both the audio-visual media sector and the Dutch government participate in NICAM. The realisation of Kijkwijzer is due to the inspiring leadership of Wim Bekkers. For years he kept in mind the interests of all parties involved and he knew how to reconcile with the focus on the common goal: protecting young children by giving information on harmful elements in audio-visual media. 
During his tenure as Director, Wim Bekkers has overseen the day to day running of the institute NICAM. He played a significant role in the aim of achieving responsible use of the media in The Netherlands. Under his supervision the European Commission concluded Kijkwijzer as an example of good co-regulation practice in relation to the protection of minors against harmful media content. The Kijkwijzer system stood model for the European PEGI games classification system. Wim Bekkers is also responsible for the implementation of the Kijkwijzer classification system in Iceland, the establishment of a classification system in Turkey and the introduction of a classification framework for user generated content YouRateIt. 
The search for Wim Bekkers’ replacement will begin Saturday 21 November via open competition.
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