"Kijkwijzer deserves successors"

Hilversum, 1 February 2006
By our European editors

THE HAGUE, 26 JAN. The Dutch Kijkwijzer, which aims to protect young people from violence on television, could act as a `role model` for other European countries.
The classification system that informs (parents) about the potential harmfulness of films, videos and DVDs is an example for Europe. This was the conclusion of the German Hans-Bredow-Institut from Hamburg in a study carried out by the media research institute for the European Commission. The Commission has previously made it clear that the `co-regulation` in the Netherlands, whereby the government and sector organisations in the television, video and film world enter into agreements, deserves to be adopted more widely.
(source: NRC Handelsblad, 26/1/2006)


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