Kijkwijzer launches children’s website

Hilversum, 13 December 2006
 Three quarters of older children (9-14 years) are using Kijkwijzer. A quarter of the children say that they do so often. The children use Kijkwijzer primarily as a warning about sex (45%), scary images (41%) and violence (31%). The reason is these are things they don’t want to see; girls pay more attention to this than boys. This was the outcome of a recent survey by NICAM (Kijkwijzer) and the Jeugdjournaal (young people’s news), in which more than 4,100 children from the 9-14 years age group participated. The results were presented last Wednesday during a festive NICAM meeting in the City Theater in Amsterdam to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Kijkwijzer. During this meeting, a new Kijkwijzer website for children was also


The survey reveals that many children are selective in how they use the media and have learned to use Kijkwijzer as a tool in this. Almost all of the children from the age group surveyed are aware of Kijkwijzer and know what it is for. They are also very familiar with the meanings of the pictogrammes. Better than their parents, in fact, as has been revealed by other surveys.  


The Kijkwijzer Jeugdjournaal survey also demonstrated that a much smaller group of children uses the pictogrammes as a tip for media products containing scary images (24%), sex (14%) or violence (13%). It is principally older boys (12-14 years) who use Kijkwijzer for this purpose. 
58% of the children are sometimes scared by a television programme, cinema film or game. Two thirds talk about this with their parents. But only a small proportion (14%) occasionally regret having seen a programme or film. More than half of the children (53%) think that children should not watch all programmes and films or play all games, if they are too young for these. Nevertheless, 45% still go to films in the cinema intended for older people, and 58% sometimes play games intended for older people.


The many questions raised by children about Kijkwijzer led NICAM to suspect that children were using it intensively. Until now, Kijkwijzer has been aimed only at parents. In order to better cater to children’s needs, a special website has been developed,, aimed at children from 8 years. The website offers answers to questions frequently asked by children about Kijkwijzer and up-to-date classifications of new television programmes and cinema films watched by children. In addition, children can carry out their own – simplified – classifications on the website, based on a film fragment. will be online from 13 December

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