Tiffany van Stormbroek new director of NICAM

Hilversum, 9 February 2016

Tiffany van Stormbroek has already worked at NICAM for ten years. After obtaining her master’s degree in communication sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Tiffany started working at NICAM in 2006 as a staff member responsible for information and communication. She has been co-ordinator of Kijkwijzer since 2010. In this capacity, Tiffany van Stormbroek has acquired vast experience and become, among other things, an expert in the area of content classification for the protection of children.

Boris van der Ham, chairman of the general board of NICAM says: “Tiffany combines profound content knowledge with organisational talent and has excellent national and international contacts. The board of NICAM has every confidence that these qualities will stand her in excellent stead to meet the challenges NICAM is faced with in a rapidly changing media world.” 

Wim Bekkers adds: “With Tiffany's appointment, the right woman has been put in the right place!” 
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