Increase in confidence and use of the Kijkwijzer

Hilversum, 7 June 2006
 Parents often make use of the Kijkwijzer recommendations. Nine out of ten parents currently use Kijkwijzer; more than 40 percent of these often or regularly. Two years ago, three-quarters of parents used Kijkwijzer, 27 percent of whom often or regularly. Parents with young children (3 to 8 years) more often make use of Kijkwijzer than parents with older children (9 to 15 years).

Confidence in Kijkwijzer has also increased. In 2006, 93 percent of parents consider the recommendations reliable, as opposed to 83 percent in 2004. Only 2 percent of parents consider Kijkwijzer unreliable. The majority of parents always or often agree with Kijkwijzer. These findings are from a recent survey carried out by Intomart on behalf of NICAM. 
Parents’ appreciation of Kijkwijzer corresponds to the conclusions of the report ‘Wijzer Kijken’ [‘Wiser Viewing’] by the Committee on Youth, Violence and Media, which stated that the system of self-regulation through Kijkwijzer is operating well. The Cabinet adopted the findings of this report last Friday. In addition, the Cabinet also accepted the recommendations contained in the Committee’s report on improving the system through the introduction of an additional age category, ‘9 years‘, and greater attention to the classification of music videos.

NICAM is investigating the options for the introduction of this extra age category. This research will reveal whether the new age category is viable in practice and whether it can be supported scientifically. Any introduction thereof is not expected before the end of 2007. 
Both NICAM and the music broadcasters are currently involved in better coordination of classification policy pertaining to the exceptional nature of music videos. NICAM’s Expert Committee is currently looking into whether the depiction of relationships between men and women can also be taken into account in the assessment of music videos. 
The Cabinet has also decided to continue to finance NICAM, with 50% of the budget up to and including 2008. 
NICAM (Netherlands Institute for the Classification of Audio-visual Media) is the organisation behind Kijkwijzer. Kijkwijzer provides advice to parents on whether an audio-visual production can be harmful to children. These recommendations state up to what age a production may be harmful. Using pictogrammes showing the content, Kijkwijzer also informs parents of the main reasons for this age recommendation.

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