Research into the possible application of Kijkwijzer on the internet

Hilversum, 1 May 2005
At the request of the Ministry for Economic Affairs, NICAM is investigating the desirability and feasibility of a Kijkwijzer label and filter system for the internet. The Ministry for Economic Affairs is co-ordinating the internet policy of the government in the Netherlands.

NICAM is having research conducted among parents in co-operation with the Ouders Online [Parents Online] organisation and education specialist Peter Cuyvers. The aim of this research is to determine how parents believe children can be protected against harmful internet content. This could involve a possible application of Kijkwijzer. NICAM will issue a recommendation to the ministry on the basis of the outcome of this research and of a meeting with experts. The research is nearing completion and the recommendation will shortly be issued by NICAM.

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