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Complaints Procedure

Have you identified a possible breach of the Kijkwijzer Regulations? For example: does the Kijkwijzer rating on television not correspond with the Kijkwijzer database? Or has a film or programme not been rated at all? You can file a complaint about such breaches within 2 weeks after identifying them.

A complaint can be filed via our complaints form, but you can also file it via email or in writing. 

If Kijkwijzer agrees that its regulations have been breached, they will contact the broadcaster, film or DVD distributor and request that they change the rating or broadcast the title at a different time. If the broadaster, film or DVD distributor does not adhere to the request within three working days or if the complainant wishes it, the complaint will be forwarded to the independent Complaints Committee which may impose a financial or other penalty. 

Kijkwijzer does not handle complaints about taste or subject matter. Complaints  about that may be directed at the broadcaster or distributor. 

Kijkwijzer's full complaints procedure can be read here

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